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The Evolution of DevEx with Adam Berry from Amplitude

In this episode of the Hangar Podcast, Ankit and Adam discuss topics such as the evolution of DevEx, the different approaches to structuring teams, and the use of tools like Sourcegraph.

About Adam Berry, Sr. Staff Engineer at Amplitude:

Adam has worked on developer tools and infrastructure throughout his career, from Eclipse plugins to service and infrastructure work; he now focuses on developer platforms as products to empower engineers and make teams and organizations drastically more effective.

Adam on LinkedIn


00:00 Introduction and Overview
05:01 Structuring DevEx Teams
09:37 Prioritizing and Backlog Management in DevEx
24:58 The Role of AI in DevEx
30:53 Exciting Developments in Developer Experience

In this episode of the Hangar DX Podcast, Ankit Jain interviews Adam about developer experience (DevEx) and the challenges and strategies involved in improving it. They discuss topics such as the evolution of DevEx, the different approaches to structuring DevEx teams, the importance of defining metrics and KPIs, the role of empathy in DevEx, the potential of cloud development environments, and the use of tools like Sourcegraph. Adam also recommends the book 'Build' by Tony Fadell as a valuable resource for understanding product philosophy.

Developer experience, DevEx, team structure, developer metrics, KPIs, cloud development environments, Sourcegraph.


  • Developer experience is a critical aspect of software development that focuses on improving the productivity and satisfaction of developers.

  • The structure of DevEx teams can vary depending on the organization, but it's important to consider the needs of different engineering teams and align the DevEx efforts accordingly.

  • Defining metrics and KPIs is essential for measuring the effectiveness of DevEx initiatives, but it's important to regularly reassess and adjust them based on the evolving needs of the business and developers.

  • Empathy is a key trait for engineers working in DevEx teams, as it helps them understand the needs and challenges of developers and drive meaningful improvements.

  • Cloud development environments and tools like Sourcegraph have the potential to greatly enhance the developer experience by providing better search, navigation, and insights into codebases.

  • The book 'Build' by Tony Fadell offers valuable insights into product philosophy and can help guide the development of effective and user-centric products.

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